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John Butler Yeats ( 1839-1922 )
‘Friendship Portraits’

This is the centenary year of John Butler Yeats’s remarkable portrait of his friend Padraic Colum. To mark the anniversary and to put the work in focus, Pyms Gallery has assembled a small exhibition surrounding the painting, of works by Yeats of his family and friends, including several of the most important figures of the Irish Literary Revival such as Synge and George Russell, (AE).

Pyms Gallery has long been committed to the scholarship of Irish art and we are very pleased that the art historian William Laffan has agreed to write the catalogue which explores the patterns of friendship between Yeats and his sitters, which the artist defined as one of the key leit motifs of his art.

Exhibition Dates: 11th May to 17th June 2005

For further information and for images please contact Alan or Mary Hobart.
Portrait of Jenny Yeats
Portrait of Padraic Colum

Portrait of Padraic Colum
Portrait of John M Synge
Portrait of George Russell called AE Portrait of J A O'Rourke Portrait of Clare Marsh Self Portrait

For further information regarding this exhibition or any other works please contact Mary or Alan Hobart