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The Art of a Nation:
Three Centuries of Irish Painting

We were pleased to present this exhibition, our first to include Irish paintings from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is coming up for a century since the art dealer Hugh Lane presented his important exhibition of Irish art at the Guildhall in London which was certainly the first, and sadly, perhaps, the last to showcase Irish painting of all periods on such a scale.
Pyms Gallery presented this exhibition as a modest effort to recapture the breadth of ambition of Lane's show.

Portrait of William Robert FitzGerald, 2nd Duke of Leinster (1749-1804) in the Uniform of the Dublin Volunteers A Study for Lydia by Matthew William Peters, R.A.
The Adelphi Club, Belfast by Joseph Wilson
The County Chronicle by John Boyne
A View of Donegall Square, Belfast by William Henry Maguire

Boating on the River by Nathaniel Hone, R.H.A.
"The art of a nation is one of the ultimate facts by which its spiritual health is judged and appraised by posterity, and in many cases when all else has disappeared the clue to a whole civilisation may be traced through fragments of pottery, sculpture, or other artistic manifestations which may remain."
Mainie Jellett

Portrait of Jenny Yeats by John Butler Yeats, R.H.A. The Bishop's Castle by Sir John Lavery, R.A., R.H.A. Naval Ratings, Embarking, Southampton, 1917 by Sir John Lavery, R.A., R.H.A
The Coast of Mayo by Jack B. Yeats, R.H.A. A West of Ireland Bog by Paul Henry, R.H.A. The Yacht Race by Sir William Orpen, R.A., R.H.A.
Concarneau by William John Leech, R.H.A.
Child Sitting at Table (The Grace) by Mary Swanzy, H.R.H.A.
Seated Figure: Orange by William scott, R.A.

Please note that this is only a selection of exhibited paintings. In addition we have published a catalogue to accompany this exhibition which details all the works shown.
If you wish to request a copy, or require further information on the exhibition please contact the gallery.