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The Sublime and the Beautiful
Irish Art 1700-1830

20th June - 27th July 2001

(One of) A Pair of Portraits of a Lady and a Gentleman, by Edward Lutteral, 1698
(One of )A Pair of Portraits of a Lady and a Gentleman, by Edward Lutteral, 1698
A Capriccio Landscape with Figures and Classical Ruins by a River, by Willem van der Hagen
Still Life with Game, by Charles Collins, 1741

Classical Landscape with the story of Cimon and Iphigenia, by John Lewis, 1758
(One of a pair) 'The Fitzwilliam Forresters', Landscape with Monks by Lake Nemi, 1766
(One of a pair), 'Fitzwilliam Forresters', Figures by a Torrent in a Stormy Wooded Landscape, by James Forrester, 1766
Capuchin Monks by a Tomb at Lake Nemi, by James Forrester, 1772

Landscape with Ruins and Figures, by Robert Carver
Portrait of James Colyear Dawkins of Standlynch, by Hugh Douglas Hamilton
Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Compton, by Matthew William Peters
A Pastoral Scene in County Sligo with a distant view of Cummin House, by William Ashford, P.R.H.A.
A Frost Piece, by Thomas Roberts
Portrait of Marianne, Lady Acton with her Children, Richard, Charles and Elizabeth, by Robert Fagan
Travellers in a Lake Landscape, by William Sadler
A Stagecoach approaching Dublin, by William Sadler
A Landscape with a View of Drimnagh Castle, by James Arthur O'Connor, 1821
A View of Irishtown from Sandymount, by James Arthur O'Connor, 1823
A Dargle landscape with a fisherman, by James Arthur O'Connor
A Head and Shoulders Portrait Bust of Henry Grattan (1746 - 1820), by Peter Turnerelli, 1820

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