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Rita Duffy


23rd May - 29th June 2012

An exhibition of new work by Rita Duffy, inspired by her three month residency in Dalsåsen, Norway and her travels to the Arctic Circle in 2010.
The title of the exhibition, Arctic Circus, references both the Arctic Circle and the famous Duffy's Circus which Rita Duffy visited as a child.
Works exhibited include charcoal drawings, oils and watercolours portraying powerful women who appear as contortionists, acrobats and tightrope walkers.

Shelter 1 De Valera's daughters Laundry Swans song
Matrix Confederacy Brewing up a storm Tight rope 1
Tight rope 2 Conversation 1 Conversation 2 Bridgit's coat
Linen study 1 Coven Dog girl sisters High wire
Paddle Fall Levitation Drum
Shelter Pontoon after Brocklin

For further information regarding this exhibition or any other works please contact Mary or Alan Hobart