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Masterpieces by Irish Artists 1660-1860

Summer 1999

Garret Morphy
Willem Van der Hagen
George Barret
Robert Carver
Thomas Roberts

Jonathan Fisher
Jonathan Fisher
Robert Fagan
William Sadler II
Richard Brydges Beechey HRHA

This exhibition of Irish painting from the 17th to the middle of the 19th century continued Pyms Gallery's long-standing commitment to Irish art.

It was something of a landmark as there had been practically no historical exhibition in London showing the diversity, strength and quality of Irish painting from this period.

Ireland may be on the edge of Europe but its art is firmly in the mainstream of European painting, influenced not only by English art, but also by the great continental schools - French, Flemish and Italian.

We have published a catalogue to accompany this exhibition. If you wish to request a copy please contact the gallery.

For further information regarding this exhibition contact Mary or Alan Hobart