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Featuring the work of Chinese artists Wu Xiaohai & Nie Zhengjie

14th November - 14th December 2012

With a blossoming interest in the art and culture of contemporary China here in the UK, this joint exhibition represents a new departure for Pyms Gallery. Part of the vibrant generation of artists emerging from post-Mao China, Wu Xiaohai (b.1972), professor at the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, and Nie Zhengjie (b.1982), winner of the 2012 John Moores Painting Prize China, are two exciting contemporary talents with much to say about the societal structure of a country soon destined to become the world's largest economy.

Hope Focus Huizhou Landscape 2 Rewarding
Huizhou Landscape 1 New Potatoes to Market Glad The Gradually Dying Dream
Untitled (Two Men) Untitled (Baby) Chongqing Red Yellow Horn Tree
Walk, Walk, Walk 1 Walk, Walk, Walk 2 Walk, Walk, Walk 3 Walk, Walk, Walk 4
Walk, Walk, Walk 5 Walk, Walk, Walk 6 Walk, Walk, Walk 7 Walk, Walk, Walk 8
Bang Bang Soldier Vivid The Red Comb -1 The Red Comb- 2
The Three Mountain Pock-marked Horse The Street in the Sky The Chief of the Village
Ha Gu Qi Core Chong Yang Festival Square
Untitled 1 Untitled 2 Morning
The Pit One Bedroom

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